Self-Organization and Time Management (in English)

Self-Organization and Time Management (in English)

Effective methods and tools for time and self-management – online seminar

In this live-online-seminar, you will learn to set clear priorities and to focus on the essentials. You will discover time management methods (e.g. the Pomodoro method) and other suggestions that will help you manage your time optimally and complete tasks more efficiently.

Practical methods and techniques to organize your work to-dos effectively

This online training will teach you how to prevent disruptions and distractions to help you achieve your goals. You will reflect on your working style, find out what your strengths are and how you can successfully use them during your working day.

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Self-Organization and Time Management (in English)

The online seminar “Self-Organization and Time Management” is designed for professionals in all sectors and positions who want to increase their productivity and improve their time and self-management in a professional environment.



  • Planning methods
  • Prioritization of tasks
  • Defining and achieving goals
  • Recognizing and preventing disruptive factors and distractions
  • Stress management and relaxation techniques

Time management

  • Recognizing, setting and implementing priorities
  • Developing routines
  • Time management methods (e.g. Pareto principle, Eisenhower matrix, Pomodoro method)

Planning techniques

  • Effective planning of the workday and tasks
  • Goal-oriented completion of tasks
  • Important tools for keeping an overview

Work techniques

  • Overview of current work techniques
  • Getting an overview of tasks
  • Effective e-mail management
  • Delegating & efficient teamwork

Communication and meetings

  • Effective communication and clear definition of goals
  • Organizing productive meetings
  • Dealing with interruptions and spontaneous requests
Voraussetzungen für diesen Kurs

Requirements for live participation:

  • Customary desktop computer or laptop (64-bit), headset, webcam
  • Stable internet connection
  • At least 2 GB of RAM
  • Download and installation of alfaview (free of charge for you!)

Short preparation check:

  1. Create profile or login and book desired course
  2. Download and install video conferencing software
  3. Check technical equipment (computer, headset and webcam)
  4. Log back in to your profile at and test everything

The event will take place live and online, please check your equipment at least 2-3 days before the course starts and install the alfaview videoconferencing software alfaview (free of charge for you!). If you are using a company network or computer, please clarify the installation and use of alfaview with the appropriate department beforehand!

Allgemeine Voraussetzungen

Für eine Live-Teilnahme unbedingt erforderlich:

  • Handelsüblicher Computer (64-bit), Headset, Webcam
  • Stabile Internetverbindung
  • Mind. 2 GB Arbeitsspeicher
  • Download und Installation alfaview (für dich kostenfrei!)

Kurzer Vorbereitungscheck:

  1. Profil anlegen oder Login und gewünschten Kurs buchen
  2. Videokonferenzsoftware herunterladen und installieren
  3. Technik prüfen (Computer, Headset und Webcam)
  4. Auf in dein Profil einloggen und alles testen

Die Veranstaltung findet live und online statt, bitte prüfe mindestens 2-3 Tage vor Kursbeginn dein Equipment und installiere dir rechtzeitig die Videokonferenzsoftware alfaview (für dich kostenfrei!). Solltest du ein Firmennetzwerk bzw. einen Firmenrechner nutzen, kläre bitte zuvor die Installation sowie Verwendung von alfaview mit der entsprechenden Abteilung ab!

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