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At all courses take place live&online via video conferencing. The stable alfaview® video conferencing software enables team work, flexible seminars and time-efficient training.
We use alfaview®:
For holistic learning!
We use alfaview® for all alfatraining online courses, connecting traditional teaching with innovative technology and forms of communication. The live learning platform used by alfatraining stands out by synchronously transmitting images, sound and desktops of all course participants and trainers in real time. With alfatraining you do not only learn online, but also live.
Conversations via videoconference provide space for personal discussions.
Interact with other participants at any time and work on interactive projects from anywhere. Direct feedback, targeted discussions via video transmission and live chat, project-related work in small groups, group discussions and personal conversations define everyday teaching at alfatraining.
Connecting participants from all over the world
In addition to direct interaction, you can always join the alfaview® rooms - even beyond the actual course hours. You will be connected with the other course participants in a virtual classroom, the so-called alfaview® rooms, and will be able to follow the lecturer's lessons from home via a video connection.
live & online
Discover your training opportunities
The advantages of compact training courses that are timed to fit your job are obvious. Time-efficient and flexible, the online lessons can be integrated into your everyday working life. The skills you quickly acquire as well as the alfatraining certificate increase your chances on the job market. Boost your chances of advancing your career with diverse and relevant topics such as change management, digital leadership, hybrid project management, and many more.
Personal customer service and live support
Are you interested in specific topics or do you have questions about courses and trainings? We offer personal customer service, around-the-clock support, and live tech check and support during your course.


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