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We qualify your employees in a variety of specialist areas that are relevant to the labor market. You can find an overview of the topics covered by our alfa® courses here or request an individual offer from us.

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  1. Agile Project Management (in English)
    Agile Project Management (in English)

    Increase efficiency and productivity with agile techniques

  2. Change Management (in English)
    Change Management (in English)

    Change management for the success of your business

  3. Conflict Management (in English)
    Conflict Management (in English)

    Constructively manage conflicts and develop positive relationships within your team.

  4. Content Marketing Management (in English)
    Content Marketing Management (in English)

    Use content marketing to significantly increase interest in your company and your products.

  5. Convincing Presentations (in English)
    Convincing Presentations (in English)

    Convince your audience – basics for successful presentations

  6. Online Marketing Management (in English)
    Online Marketing Management (in English)

    Learn more about the potential of online marketing

  7. Self-Organization and Time Management (in English)
    Self-Organization and Time Management (in English)

    Learn to plan and use your working hours and how to structure your working days.

  8. Successful Leadership (in English)
    Successful Leadership (in English)

    Leading teams successfully and efficiently