Live lessons

The alfatraining live learning platform combines traditional teaching with innovative technology.
Online live lessons with alfaview

Teaching with video technology of the latest generation

For all online courses at alfatraining, we use the alfaview® software, which combines traditional teaching with innovative technology and also uses modern communication channels. The unique selling point of the live learning platform is the synchronous transmission of picture, sound and desktop of all course participants and instructors in real time. With alfatraining you not only learn online, but live.

In addition to direct interaction possibilities, real networking also takes place in the alfaview® rooms - even beyond the actual course duration. Regardless of your location, you will be networked with other course participants in a virtual classroom, the so-called alfaview® rooms. You can follow the lessons from home via video live connection.

You can network with the other participants at any time and realize interactive projects across locations. The daily teaching routine at alfatraining is determined by immediate feedback, focused exchange via video transmission and live chat, project-related work in small groups, group discussions and personal conversations.



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