German for business

We help you to understand a wide range of texts and to express yourself in writing in a clear and structured way. You will also improve your ability to express yourself orally spontaneously and fluently. The goal is to be able to communicate confidently and understandably with clients and in a presentation. Improve your written and spoken language skills now and learn in a small group to lose language inhibitions. Our instructors are native speakers and can help you directly with the correct pronunciation.
German for business
8 UE
à 45 Minuten
max. 15
219,00 €
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German for business
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Participation in the course can only take place under the following conditions:

Technical requirements

In order to participate in our live trainings, you need to install the alfaview®-Software on your computer. Please note that the videoconferencing solution must be installed with the acceptance of the terms of use and that data processing is carried out in accordance with the privacy policy.

Note: The course software does not currently support mobile devices (tablets and smartphones), except the Ipad of apple.

  • computer x64 architecture
  • monitor (ideally 2 monitors)
  • headset (alternatively loudspeaker and microphone)
  • Webcam
  • Internet connection

Please check the course dates and make sure you are available on these dates.


General language part

  • Read and understand texts
  • Global and selective reading comprehension
  • Improvement of the hearing comprehension
  • Application of complex linguistic structures of German grammar

Communication in the professional environment

  • Interviews
  • Confident business communication
  • Professional preparation of meetings
  • Communication forms of a team
  • Conflict Management



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